Overcome Your Fear of Water

Learn to swim by deriving your safety from yourself rather than the bottom or the side

What you'll get from our Beginning Course...

Start from where you are today

Start where you are today and learn at your own pace.

Enjoy learning without fear

Become curious about deep water and even enjoy it for short periods by the end of your 24 hours of class.

Go from fear to freedom

Find freedom from your fear or discomfort in shallow and deep water.

Learn to rely on yourself

Learn to rely on yourself for your safety rather than on the side or the bottom, usually by the end of our second course, the Next Step.

We’ve Helped Thousands

46% of adults in the United States are afraid in water over their heads.

If you’re like many adults, you’ve been frustrated or embarrassed that you weren’t free to swim “like everybody else.” Half of adults can’t swim, like you! We meet them all the time. They’ve tried every system, including the traditional programs, with no success.
Since 1983, we’ve helped thousands of adults overcome their fear and discomfort in water with our proven system built on the 5 Circles Teaching Method. The Miracle Swimming system uses the nuts and bolts of mindfulness to address the root of the problem and will transform the way you feel and think about water for the rest of your life.
“I can now understand water and be myself as I learn comfort and fun as a swimmer. I fundamentally feel like a different person!”
JL, Sarasota, FL

The Process

Go from fear or discomfort to freedom in shallow and deep water, all while having fun! Here’s how you can get started today…

Learn more about the Beginning Course.

Book your course and make travel plans.

Attend the 5-day course or weekend classes.

Experience your life changing effortlessly.

Are you ready to be free in water?

Enjoy time with kids, grandkids or friends in the pool, on the lake, or at the beach without any fear.

Miracle Swimming is what you’ve been looking for! Does it sound too good to be true? Read every student's comments and check our FAQs. Sign up for a course today or start by reading our book and experience the “miracle” that thousands of others can attest to. Overcome your fear of water once and for all.
Weekend Course


4 weekends
Eight 3-hour classes
5-Day Vacation Course in Sarasota


5 Days
Eight 3-hour classes
5-Day Course, including hotel


5 Days
Eight 3-hour classes
5 nights in hotel and one spa service

Weekend Course


4 weekends
Eight 3-hour classes
8-Day Course


8 Days
Eight 3-hour classes