30 hour course, 7 days

Butterfly and Breaststroke

You’ve asked us teach you the other strokes. Now’s your chance! We’ll take 7 days and 30 hours: 3+ days for each stroke to build drills for each stroke and send you off with either the whole strokes, or the drills needed to complete them with a little more practice.

Backstroke is taught in a separate 3-day Backstroke class.


Prerequisites for 2 Strokes Classes:

  • Must have taken at least our Beginning class.
  • Must understand “being in your body”
  • Must be in your body for all “toys” in the shallow end (sitting on bottom, falling forward, somersaults, handstands, whale jumps)
  • All of these skills must be done without rushing
  • Knowing the water: the more hours you’ve spent in the pool playing, the better
  • When you know you’re safe and you can move from here to there with confidence and ease, you’re ready to learn strokes.

Learn stroke drills, stroke technique, and take time to practice. You’ll see daily video of your learning and progress for maximum feedback.

Learning breaststroke kick


Ten 3-hour classes over 7 days.

Day 1: 2:30-5:30
Day 2: 9-noon and 3:45-6:45
Day 3: 2:30-5:30
Day 4: 9-noon and 3:45-6:45
Day 5: 2:30-5:30
Day 6: 9-noon and 3:45-6:45
Day 7: 9-noon

Bob learning to do butterfly


We recommend that you stay in a nearby hotel so you can devote your time to swimming and absorbing information and reduce commuting.

Hotel recommendations: provided upon registration


We recommend Aquasphere Fitness Fins. Test them in the pool and make sure they’re comfortable, not too stiff. If they’re too stiff, you will be unable to kick. Allow time to replace them, just in case. It’s VERY important to have fins that work on Day 1. If these don’t work for you, buy full-foot rubber snorkeling fins. We recommend Water Gear.


The pool is expected to be 87-89 degrees. You may want to use a wetsuit shirt for extra warmth. Rent is $25 for 1-10 days currently. We highly recommend a rash guard, which is a lycra shirt that protects you from the sun. It should fit like a glove. We sell Miracle Swimming rash guards for $28. $30-$40 at sporting goods stores.

Or, purchase 2 mm Wetsuit Vest: make sure it fits snugly.


two bathing suits, dark goggles if class is outdoors (otherwise, regular goggles), fins, sun block, flip flops, and rash guard (should fit you like your skin).



“When I overcame my fear of water with MSA, it was better than passing the bar. I’ve taken all MSA’s classes except SCUBA. The Strokes class is the best one!”
—Margaret Teague

“I am amazed. This takes second place only to your Bali SCUBA trip.”
—Robert Foster

“This is tons of fun. I don’t want class to end.”
—Evelyn Goodwin


Conquer Your Fear of Water Book

The Miracle Swimmer Video:
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