We are the only national swimming instruction agency that specializes in teaching afraid students. We use the infallible 5 Circles Teaching System to heal fear.

Minimum Training: 6 days, Full Training: 11 days: Miracle Swimming license earned.

Feature Conference
Online + 6-Day Hands-on Training
Online + 11 Days Hands-on Training
# Hours 15 80, including 6-day hands-on 32 beyond the 6-day
Breakable into Parts No No Yes, 6-day and 5-day
Instructional Manual No Yes Yes
Student Manual 60 Pages No Yes Yes
# Sessions with Students 2 8: Beginning Class 16: Beginning and Next Step Classes
# Classroom Hours 3 34 during 6-Day training 8 more, 1 following each class session
Observation Yes Yes Yes
Spotting No Little Yes
Develop Lesson Plan No Yes Yes
Teach Lesson Plan No No Yes
Monthly Conference Calls, 4 Months No Yes Yes, as needed
Licensed to use Miracle Swimming Session No Yes: Level 1 Yes: Level 2
Certificate of Completion No Yes Yes
Marketing through MS Website No Yes Yes
Referrals from MS No Yes Yes
Business Support No Yes Yes
Teaching Support No Yes Yes
Cost of Training $349-495 $1699 $1999
$600 as an add-on
Additional Training Available 6-day, 11-day Freestyle, $700
Snorkeling, $900
3 Strokes, $1100
Freestyle, Snorkeling, 3 Strokes
Agreement Required No Yes Yes
Licensing Fee, Royalty None $100/year plus 2% of MS class revenue $100/year plus 2% of MS class revenue
Frequency Requirement None 3 Beginning or Next step Classes/year to stay current w/system Same as 6 Day
MS Classes You May Teach None Miracle Swimming Beginning, Next Step, Mini-classes (intro classes that feed Beg. classes) and private lessons Same as 6 Day

“I am humbled and awed.” —Nancy Haynsworth, American Red Cross Instructor Trainer, Fitness/Aquatics Coordinator
Air Force/Navy Joint Base Charleston Weapons Station, Charleston, SC

“I appreciate your intuitive and psychic approach and your grounded way of relaying this information so that it doesn’t sound “woo-woo.” I believe you’re using a (r)evolutionary approach to teaching and to helping people overcome fear.” —Nancy Ward, Total Immersion, New York

“I learned that fears are real and need to be acknowledged and accepted before being overcome. By coming to this training with my staff, I feel that we’ll prevent future participants from becoming afraid adults by stopping fear while students are young. —Margee Charron, Bubbles to Butterfly Swim School, Connecticut