Miracle Swimming is a new system of teaching — since 1983– that guarantees that adults who are not comfortable in water over their heads or who are afraid in water will learn to swim. We define learning to swim as learning to be safe –comfortable, confident, and free– in deep water. Once you’re safe in deep water, you can swim. Then you can learn the efficient way to swim –strokes. Strokes are not necessary for safety.

Our system is easy and fun. Every single last adult learns to swim — to be free and confident in water, shallow and deep — at his/her own pace. On average, this typically takes two weeks (48 hours) of Miracle Swimming classes. The “magic” is in the way it’s taught. It is a universal teaching paradigm that cannot fail that was released in our DVD in 2000 and in our book in 2006. Adult non-swimmers can learn 30-100% of it by reading our book. Our hope is that every single adult swimming student in the world will have access to this sensible new system in order to learn with a smile successfully, the first time.

Does anyone fail? No, not if they use the system. If they don’t use it, i.e. if they push themselves or don’t engage with their questions, they fail to make significant progress. About one student per year experiences this.

Is the system painful or hard? Not at all! It’s fun.

Does everyone learn to be free in water? Yes, if they take both Beginning and Next Step classes. Sometimes, a student needs more time, taking two or three Next Step classes. Get it all! Everyone goes at his/her own pace based on one’s history and one’s willingness to stay true to oneself. There is no bad student! One student took classes for 18 months, nonstop. She overcame her fear and became a trans-Pacific sailor, on “watch” by herself in the dead of night in the middle of the Pacific. Then she became one of our instructors.

The system’s implications are vast. It is applicable to all teaching and learning. Every adult and child can learn to swim on their first attempt, enjoyably.

The large traditional swimming instruction agencies, old and new, have been informed of this change in paradigm that brings inevitable success. They continue their ways. Instructors who want to learn the missing link—our instructor trainees—have changed their thinking 180 degrees. Our training demonstrates things instructors have never seen, and gives them the vocabulary and concepts to teach all adults successfully. To date, over 60 instructors have been trained worldwide.


It’s needed because everyone should know how to swim. Just as everyone needs to know how to cross the street, knowing how to swim can save your life. You may need to know it only once, but that one time saves your life. Perhaps more importantly, it increases your “everyday” self-confidence.

Millions of adults have become discouraged in their swimming lessons. Miracle Swimming has fixed every problem of those lessons.
Our system is based upon:

It literally guarantees learning.


Because it works that way for most kids.
But adults do not learn the same way as kids.

Miracle Swimming is designed specifically for adults who are fearful in deep water. It covers every single topic needed for success.