MSA Pool

582 McIntosh Road, Sarasota, FL 34232*

Miracle Swimming for Adults Pool
A peaceful, serene retreat. Our backstroke flags are Tibetan prayer flags.

The art is banners of class photographs and an eighty-foot beach scene

Our Offerings
Learn-to-Swim Classes for Adults, Lap Swimming, Swim Soirees, Events, Pool Parties

Lap Swim Hours currently:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11:30-1:30 (Call 941-921-6420 to confirm these times on MWF)
Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-6:30
Saturday 12-2
Sunday 8-10 a.m.
Drop-in fee: $6. Correct change appreciated.
Memberships to be announced late May.


Learn to swim: Beginning and Next Step "Conquer Your Fear of Water" classes
Learn to Swim Efficiently: Strokes
Strokes: Freestyle & Flip Turns
Strokes: Butterfly/Backstroke/Breaststroke
Ocean 101: Introduction to the Gulf
Ocean 202: Water Sports: Sea Kayaking, Stand-up Paddling, Snorkeling

Swim Soirees

A time to chill out by the pool after work and a swim until sunset. Bring your own beverage and food. $10 for swim and soiree. Starting date TBA.

Address is halfway between Fruitville Road and Bahia Vista Street on the west side of McIntosh across from West Lake Way in Sherwood Estates.
This is the Jewish Federation campus.
Turn into the property.
Drive to the far back left parking lot and park.
Walk through the gate in the white fence.
Turn right and walk 60 seconds to the pool, hugging the fence and the building until you arrive.
Locker rooms and showers available.

Sign on McIntosh