Swimmer Certifications

Every student has the option at the end of his/her class to take a test to earn a certification signifying his/her level of achievement. This is not mandatory, but simply for fun. Certifications are not listed in any particular order.

Certified Shallow Water Swimmer

Can thoroughly enjoy shallow water in every direction; is free in shallow water:

Test: propulsion, sommersaults, handstands, swim along bottom, front to back to front, reversals, sharp turns, splashing and bumping okay, child's play (such as chicken fights, piggy back rides)

Certified Swimmer

Can rely on oneself for safety in deep water in a pool indefinitely

Test: hang out in the middle of deep water in a pool for 10 minutes with complete comfort, zero struggle, not just back float

Certified Freestyler

Can do freestyle laps and sets with turns (flip, open, or spin turns). Test: 4 laps comfortable, whole freestyle with turns.

Certified Competitive Strokes Swimmer

Knows all 4 competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke

Test: 4 recognizable strokes for one lap (25 yards) each with zero struggle. Each stroke is certifiable individually.

Certified Resting Strokes Swimmer

Knows the sidestroke, elementary backstroke and trudgeon

Test: 25 yards of each stroke, recognizable, passable strokes. Each stroke is certifiable individually.

Certified Rescue-Assist Swimmer

Knows what do to for a struggling swimmer in a pool. Understands the importance of Water Watchers anytime people are swimming.

Test: basic water and land-based rescues using throwing and reaching assists. This is not a lifeguarding class.

Certified Open Water Swimmer

Swims comfortably in lake, river and ocean. Can jump off boat into the blue. Knows beach safety rules, what to do in currents and waves. Comfortable with snorkeling and snorkeling safety.

Test: demonstrate swimming in open water comfortably twice. Photo of you jumping off boat into the blue.

Certified Snorkeler

Knows snorkeling equipment, how to snorkel, snorkeling safety, comfort in deep salt water

Test: to be determined. In fact, all tests are subject to refinement.

Certified Diver

SCUBA diving certification

Certified Competitive Swimmer

4 legal competitive strokes, turns, starts, set-writing, pace-clock use, intervals

Test: demonstrate 25 yards of each stroke above, no struggle, with turns

Certified Masters Swimmer

Joins and swims with a masters swim team, swims in one meet

Test: photo of you swimming in a meet, and your event results (time). This is all for fun, remember!

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This class was outstanding. "I never thought I could overcome my fear of water. Don't waste your time or money on any other class. This class works! I am a living testament." -RM, Fresno, CA