Joyce Fujiwara


Outside of a required high school swim class, Joyce never had the opportunity to learn to swim in her youth. Determined to learn to swim as an adult, Joyce enrolled in a Red Cross style swim class, that she muscled through to no avail.
It was not until Joyce enrolled in Miracle Swimming, as her last ditch effort to learn to swim, that she discovered the concept of comfort and fun in water.
After her Beginning and Half-Next Step courses, Joyce has continued to learn by enrolling in standard swimming classes, while utilizing the concepts she learned with Miracle Swimming. Joyce’s new found freedom in water has allowed her to enjoy snorkeling in Hawaii, to achieve swimming a mile, and to swim with dolphins in the Bahamas. Joyce best expresses her experience with Miracle Swimming as life changing!
Joyce is a frequent spotter at the San Francisco Miracle Swim classes; she enjoys helping others experience the same life-changing attitudes towards water that she has experienced. Joyce’s former career, was working for over 32 years in the construction trades as a Union Tile setter. She currently follows her passion as a ceramics studio owner, teacher, and potter at sfclayworks ceramics studio in San Francisco, California.