Judith Luberski


Growing up in a farming community in Scotland, Judith had little access to the water until she joined the oil and gas industry and found herself working on oil platforms in the North Sea! Much preferring dry land she continued in this industry for 30+ years, experiencing many countries but never quite managed to enjoy being in the water. On her arrival in Sarasota in 2017 to start a new chapter of life, Judith decided to tackle her long held fear of water after picking up a Miracle Swimming for Adults leaflet. ”It just seemed like they understand that my fear was deep rooted.”
Now a graduate of Ultra Beginning, Beginning and Next Steps classes, Judith is enjoying the doors that have open as she changes her relationship with water, including kayaking in local waters and snorkeling (just a little) in Galapagos last year!  ”It’s definitely a journey and I like that everyone is different and will move at the pace that works for them.” She joined the Board in 2019 and is inspired to open up this life-changing opportunity for other adults with a deep fear of water,  knowing the positive change the MSA approach can make in and out of the water! Judith holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Development, is a certified executive coach and also a registered Yoga Teacher.