Leslie Turner


Leslie has always had a love of water; a love of swimming into the deep and finding sanctuary in its depths, of swimming for exercise and experiencing the high of being in the zone, of hosting pool parties where she’s in the middle of the pool and not reclining on the pool steps. Leslie had taken the usual swim classes, stroke and technique training from traditional swim programs and even personal coaching. Yet, she was still clinging to the side or close to shore because of her lingering fear of drowning, fear of deep water and general discomfort when her feet weren’t touching bottom.
It was only until Leslie became a Miracle Swimming graduate that her passion for being in the water became a reality. Leslie took her first lesson with MSA in 19xx. Since then, Leslie swam her way through the introductory pool classes, ocean swimming, snorkeling in Hawaii and became a certified PADI scuba diver through MSA’s Turks And Caicos dive class. “The unique approach of MSA and its focus of being centered and mindful in the moment, enabled me to release my fear of the water, become calm, confident and safe in the water and become the water baby I’ve always dreamt of,” said Leslie.
Leslie retired from her practice of law in 2018 and now lives full-time in Sarasota. Aware of the significant drowning rates for people of color, Leslie is committed to making MSA’s approach to teaching adults afraid in water the commonly utilized methodology.
She currently serves as a volunteer advisor to MSA’s CEO and Board on matters such as strategic mission and business planning, client engagement and expansion, brand building and general corporate governance. Leslie has long-standing and deep business, public policy, government relations and customer relationship experience from her time as a law partner with a global law firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., an executive level political appointee under President Clinton and former general counsel and senior executive for Fortune 500 food and beverage companies.