Melon Dash

Founder MSA/Director of Product Development

Melon founded Miracle Swimming for Adults in 1983 when she realized many adults were afraid in water and failing to learn to swim. Her aim was to find a way to share her confidence and comfort in water as a lifelong competitive swimmer. She created a unique approach, using a diagram to help her convey her approach and took it to one of her classes. Her students were amazed. “Why didn’t anyone ever tell us that before?”
Melon then wrote a book, produced an accompanying DVD, and launched instructor training using her methodology. People from fifty states and seventeen countries have benefited from this approach with many more waiting to ”jump in.” Melon says her vision will be realized when all swimming lessons teach students to have full presence of mind in deep water so they are safe—in the same two or three weeks that it takes us at MSA to teach them.
In discovering and codifying a system that could succeed with every adult, Melon was driven to open up her approach more widely and in 2013 created Miracle Swimming for Adults, a nonprofit focused entirely on opening up access for any adult to ”the MSA way.” She has been featured on TV and is currently writing her Ted Talk to continue to share her wisdom and insights from decades of teaching the 5-circles.
When Melon sees people so impressed and happy with themselves for learning so quickly with such fun, she sees her vision taking shape - a world where everyone can swim and every person learns the first time they try, with joy.
Melon continues to work for MSA teaching and developing new tools to enable the nonprofit to grow to meet demand. She also consults privately from her own company, 5 Circles Mindfulness LLC, based in Sarasota, Florida.