Raymond Ortiz

Board Member

Growing up in Brooklyn, Raymond spent a lot of time at the beach and local pool. He did everything you could do there – except get in the water. He didn’t know how to swim and he didn’t want to swim – or so he thought. Fast forward to 2017, after watching his fiancée and her kids swimming and playing every time they went to the pool and beach, and planning a honeymoon in Puerto Rico (surrounded by water!), it was time to learn. He was tired of losing that precious/quality time with them. He began to search for swim lessons and quickly found Miracle Swimming for Adults. What he realized while reading about MSA was that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it was that he was afraid to. What he needed all this time was to heal his fear and learn comfort. The 5 Circles teaching method was revolutionary for Raymond. It helped him become a swimmer, but also helped him at work and at home. He loves showing the video of him jumping off a 50’ cliff into a body of water during his honeymoon – certainly a Miracle!!!
With a 20+ year technical career Raymond enjoys troubleshooting and the challenges that it brings. He loves the smile and happiness from customers when problems are fixed and comfort restored. He believes this was a precursor for supporting MSA now. Soon after taking Beginning, Next Step, and Ocean 101 with MSA, Raymond started spotting. A spotter is a quiet assistant who aids the instructor and provides comfort for the students. The satisfaction he gets from this is immeasurable, watching people do things they never dreamed of doing before. Raymond is focused on spreading the joy and excitement of MSA, having joined our Board in 2018.