Renee Piazza

Board Member

A lifelong lover of the water, Renee grew up swimming on the shores of New Jersey and in her backyard swimming pool. She got SCUBA certified as teenager and would plan each vacation so that a dive could take place. Years later, as a working mother living in Boston, Renee was surprised when her daughters balked at going to swim lessons. They were very reluctant to get wet and they were not having fun. After many failed attempts with traditional lessons, Renee began to do some research on swimming methodologies to see if there might be another approach for her daughters.
She stumbled upon Miracle Swimming and fell in love with the system that makes swimming comfortable, fun and safe. Wanting to create positive experiences for her daughters, she packed the whole family to Sarasota where her girls finally found their love of water via Miracle Swimming lessons and Renee completed her Instructor Training. She has been teaching Miracle Swimming to adults part-time for over three years now, and feels extremely lucky to be a part of the journey for so many adults while they discover their own love of the water. Her passion as an Instructor inspired her to join the Board and help extend the reach of this incredible organization. Additionally, she works as a consultant and facilitator for a small firm in Boston. She’s lucky to have two jobs she loves, in both cases helping people create what’s next for themselves and for their organizations!