Sheryl Roman


Sheryl Roman was raised in Denver, Colorado, by a single mother of four who was terrified of water. Her mother’s fear was most likely related to the death of her cousin, who drowned in a lake.
Having never learned to swim as a child, Sheryl tried many times as an adult but anxiety always took over.
In 2014, Sheryl decided to herself to a Miracle Swimming beginner class in San Francisco, taught by Richard Schwarzenberger. “Taking the workshop changed my relationship with water,” Sheryl says. “I am thankful every day for the life lessons I learned and continue to learn every time I am in the water. That is primary reason I volunteer with Miracle Swimming as a spotter – I’m so darn thankful.”
Currently the HR Director for a creative production agency based in San Francisco, she incorporates volunteer work as much as she can into her free time. Some of her volunteer experiences have included providing job readiness skills for new immigrants, gardening projects at Golden Gate Park, restoring a medieval church in France, and working at a heritage site in Norway.