Terri Goodman


Terri Goodman’s love for all water-related activities started as a toddler.  Her father introduced her to water activities at a very early age.  Water play and swimming was family time, and they all cherished it. They swam in pools, lakes, oceans and also enjoyed boating, water skiing, and snorkeling.  As a teenager, Terri attended “swimming camp” in Canada, where the motto was “we don’t sew beads on belts”. They swam, canoed, kayaked or walked for transportation.  This is where she had her  first experience as an open water swimmer; swimming to and from a Sunday service—18 miles round trip.  This love of all water-related actives has expanded over the decades and she is still finding new ways to enjoy the water.
Terri’s interest in healthcare and wellness began at the University of Michigan where she earned both a B.S. and M.S. degree in Education and Health Management.  As Director of Marketing and Business Operations for U-M’s Health Management Research Center, she helped design, promote, and implement one of the nation’s pioneering health promotion programs.  Over the course of a multi-faceted career, Terri has consistently been recognized for her achievements in improved profitability, innovative programs, technology implementation, and dedicated customer service.
In 2016, Terri joined MSA’s Board, became Board Chairman in 2017, and then CEO in November 2017.  In addition to Terri’s passion for all water activities, she brings more than 35 years of experience in health and business management.  As an administrative and senior level manager, she has worked with diverse stakeholders and has a proven track record of building successful businesses.
Terri believes that being in water is being in a healing place and that this experience should be available to all.  Partnering with MSA Board of Directors and other key stakeholders she is driven to fulfill our mission of more classes easily available to all adults who would like to feel safe, confident and in control in water.
Outside of the office Terri is a US Masters Swimmer and competes with the nationally-ranked Sarasota Sharks.