Our Mission

To teach adults who are afraid in water to overcome their fear and swim

According to a 1998 Gallup Poll
of adults in United States

are afraid to put their heads under water

91 million people

are afraid in water over their heads in a pool

109 million people

are afraid in deep, open water

149 million people

How do we change those numbers?

After 35 years of teaching adults to swim, we’ve uncovered two facts:
1) That a program designed specifically for adults is imperative. Traditional lessons, which were designed for children, are not the best fit for most adult non-swimmers. 
2) That learning to swim is learning to be reliable for your safety in water over your head. Learning to swim efficiently is learning to do strokes. 

With this new knowledge, drowning can virtually disappear. 


In Sarasota, our headquarters, we have a warm pool dedicated to teaching adults to swim. Statistics say that 131,100 adults here are afraid in deep water in pools. We have bountiful open water in our region where everyone needs to be safe. Let's add that 131,000 adults and the 51,000 more who are afraid in open water and teach them to be safe in our open water, the Gulf of Mexico.

We could teach lessons for a lifetime in the U.S. and not reach all adults who aren't safe in our waters.

At Miracle Swimming for Adults we established what we believe is the most efficient system in the world to teach an afraid adult to swim

Our most economical classes cost $649 for 24 hours. These are offered to local residents who learn over the course of a month. It takes two 24-hour classes –Beginning and Next Step– for most adults to overcome their fear of water and learn to swim.

About 23,000 adults are below the poverty line in Sarasota County and more adults than that would be unable to make a $600 swimming lessons investment a priority in their family’s finances…even though it’s essential for the family’s safety.

We want to teach every adult non-swimmer in Sarasota, regardless of income level, to be safe in deep water. We can do this. It will take financial support and many new teachers.

Our Current Need List

Donate any amount

Scholarships for adults to learn to swim

$1399 per adult

Scholarships for Instructor Training

Up to $3000 per instructor
At the rate of pay of most swimming instructors today, it's difficult to afford our pre-eminent training: course and travel to Sarasota. The number of instructors who are keen to have our information is growing. We need to help them be trained, to take this new knowlege back to their cities. MSA is the only organization that specializes in, and has a long-standing proven system for teaching afraid adults. It is also the only organization that specializes in,and has a long-standing proven system for training teachers of afraid adults. Our training is online (60 hours) and hands-on (60 hours). We believe every instructor should have a personal investment of at least $1000 in the finances of their training.

Online Training Platform

New Platform to launch online courses

Student Intern

Student to take the lead in cateloging our exsisting pictures and video. Goal is to have a resource library for students and instructors.

Student Intern-Social Media

College student to take pictures of ongoing classes and post current events to Facebook, Instagram, Linkin and Twitter.

Office Equipment

Corporate Office in need of upgraded Computer, Printer and Scanner.

Or mail a check to:

Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc.
5114 Station Way
Sarasota, FL 34233

Teaching afraid adults requires well-informed and trained teachers