Beginning Course Testimonials

Read what others who have taken these courses over the years have had to say about the Miracle Swim teaching method.
"This class helped me overcome my fear, unlike any other swimming class."
  • – VG
  • Sarasota, FL
"Rethink it if it is the busiest time in your career. You may not be able to concentrate, you may be tired and exhausted when class begins and you may be distracted in mind. I was all of the above."
  • – VO
  • Parish, FL
"Awesome, the best money I've ever invested in myself. Give yourself permission to do what "YOU" want to do."
  • – BA
  • Dumas, TX
"I liked the holistic approach to teaching and learning and the non-push approach."
  • – KA
  • Montreal, Canada
"The size of class was perfect. Instructor so encouraging and caring and re-assuring that you truly believe teaching and trust the steps given."
  • – AW
  • Upland, CA
"Enjoying and having fun learning."
  • – DH
  • Los Altos, CA
"Great gentle no invasive approach. Perfect for beginners."
  • – LO
  • Berkley, CA
"Please consider this course. You will never regret it."
  • – RJB
  • Monrobay, CA
"The class was life-changing for me. I took conventional swimming classes seven times prior to this one without "success." The MSA method taught me "success" is calm and presence in the water not necessarily technique."
  • – LW
  • Silver Spring, MD
"I think this class has exceptional in terms of instruction."
  • – RD
  • Rego Park, NY
"Learn at your own pace and level of comfort."
  • – AD
  • Rego Park, NY
"It is a way to learn and live that applies to all facets of life, not just swimming."
  • – MS
  • Washington, DC
"I believe the class is worth it. Remember to take things slowly and enjoy the process!"
  • – KB
  • Knoxville, TX
"Well worth the investment of money and time. Self-paced and group activities; both were effective. I loved the "group therapy" before getting in the pool."
  • – CM
  • Arlington, TX
"If you can't put your face in water and you become panicked, take this class to put that behind you."
  • – PS
  • Bradenton, FL
"I feel it is 100% worth it. It is a great class and I recommend it to anyone."
  • – LJ
  • Palmetto, FL
"This class is so different from any swim class I have even taken. The distance I have come from when I got here to the last day is incredible. I don't understand why swimming for adults, whether they are afraid or not, isn't taught this way by everyone. This should be a national/international standard!"
  • – NR
  • New Haven, CT
"This class helped me progress towards my goal of freedom in deep water. Also, it helped me dream big."
  • – JS
  • Montreal, Canada
"The class was awesome! It allowed me to go at my on pace and to find out what works for me. It allowed me to feel comfortable and to go slow and take my time."
  • – SH
  • Atlanta, GA
"The class is a 10."
  • – TJ
  • Alberta, Canada
"This concept is so cutting edge that it is a tragedy that more instructors are not using this method."
  • – RS
  • Boca Raton, FL
"It works. I thought nothing would ever work for me. I thought it was too good to be true, but it's not."
  • – DK
  • Thornton, CO