There is no judgement about being afraid in water at Miracle Swimming for Adults. Our goal is to help you find the right class for you so you can reach your swimming goals.

Who is not afraid in water?

-People who can stop and rest as long as they wish in deep water (water over their heads), whether they know formal strokes or not.

-People who can play and be silly in deep water.

-People who can pick up objects from the bottom of the pool, shallow or deep.

-People who know how to sink to the bottom of the deep end, happily.

-People who can jump off a boat into the “blue” without a care.

BTW, knowing formal strokes is not relevant to being able to Swim. For more information about that, read this.

If this list describes you, you already know how to Swim and you must be looking for a strokes class, correct? We recommend that you do a search for your local YMCA or Total Immersion coach.

Who is afraid in water?

-People who cannot rest peacefully in deep water (over their heads) at least 10 feet away from the side or a support for 4-5 minutes.

-People who have taken swimming lessons before and never learned to breathe because they were tense. It’s not that they didn’t practice enough.

-People who rely on the bottom or the side for their safety rather than on themselves.

-People who are tense in water, especially over their heads.

-People who have heard their swim instructors tell them to, “Relax,” but they couldn’t.

-People who have made excuses for not going to swimming parties and boat outings.

-People who don’t like to put their faces in water.

-People who stay at the side of the pool or on “this side” of the rope.

-People who know formal strokes, such as freestyle, but only swim next to the wall in deep water.

-People who believe that learning to tread water is the answer to their swimming “prayers.”

If this list describes you, Miracle Swimming has the answers you seek. Please go here for more answers.

It’s okay to be afraid in water! You are not crazy. And you can be safe and free.