2 Strokes Course

Learn Backstroke and Breaststroke

What to Expect

Learn Stroke Drills and Efficiency

Strokes are the "choreography" of swimming that makes movement in water efficient. The 2 Strokes Course focuses on learning the technique of breaststroke and backstroke: drills for each stroke, turns, and plenty of time to practice and ask questions. Students leave with recognizable breaststrokes and backstrokes! This course consists of ten 3-hour classes over seven days.

Each student will leave with either the whole strokes, or the drills needed to complete them with a little more practice at home.

What's Covered:

  • Balance, line, kick, and propulsion
  • Timing
  • How to use drills to build the strokes
  • How to use swimming for exercise
  • Turns

What's Included:

  • Ten 3-hour classes over seven days
  • 60 minutes of dry-land discussion and video feedback of you
  • Fun

  • 2 hours of in-pool training
  • Photos of you for feedback
  • Miracle Swimming Licensed instructor
  • Warm pool and exclusive use of pool for class

What You'll Need:

  • Two bathing suits
  • Dark goggles for outdoor classes
  • Rubber full-foot short or medium-length fins
    We recommend TYR Split Fins or Aquasphere Fitness Fins
  • A wetsuit vest or shirt
    Rent is $14 for 1-7 days, or buy your own for class and use afterward.
  • Rash guard (sun shirt)
    (should fit you like your skin)
  • Sun block, flip flops & hat

2 Strokes Course FAQs

When can I take the 2 Strokes Course?
Prerequisites for 2 Strokes Classes:
  • Must have taken at least our Beginning Course
  • float
  • unfloat on front and back
  • do seal rolls
  • stand on your hands (or feel comfortable trying)
  • do somersaults (or feel comfortable trying)
  • do whale jumps
  • and play freely
  • understand what “being in your body” means and feels like.
  • We recommend that you "know the water" very well before taking any strokes courses: that you are free to maneuver any way and anywhere you want at will, with ease. 
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What if I wear contacts/glasses?

You may wear them under goggles if you wish. Or, you can buy goggles that have your prescription ground into them. Choose a pair of goggles that fit your face and don’t leak, first. Then have them ground.

Should I eat before class?

We recommend eating lightly but enough that hunger won’t distract you in class. Remember we are on land for an hour before we get into the pool.

“A perfect blend of mechanics, practice and support.
It is life changing. You never need to be afraid.
You will get support every step of the way.”
LD, Jupiter, FL

Make swimming for exercise fun!

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7-Day Course


7 Days
Ten 3-hour classes
*Non-refundable deposit of $150 required to reserve your spot in the class.