Beginning Snorkeling Course

Learn to be at Ease Snorkeling

What to Expect

Have you dreamt of snorkeling comfortably?

This course teaches you to use snorkeling gear and to be at ease snorkeling. Bring full mindfulness to being in the ocean, which you learned in the pool during your previous Miracle Swimming courses. We begin in a quiet, safe, beautiful environment and gradually progress to more diverse, beautiful, safe locations. Learn one small step at a time, starting in flat shallow water. Taking the Snorkeling course provides significantly more confidence in the ocean than taking our Beginning course in the pool and Ocean 101.

The prerequisite for this course is our Beginning Course, including being able to float--front and back--roll from front to back, and stand up from both floats.

What You'll Learn:

  • Control and comfort in the ocean
  • To understand and use snorkeling equipment
  • To snorkel for fun and be safe
  • To remove water from your mask and snorkel
  • To be able to stop and rest and talk

What's Included:

  • Ten 3-hour Classes
  • 1 hour of on-land discussion per class
  • 2 hours of in-water training per class
  • A licensed instructor or a trained assistant for every 3-4 students
  • Shared accommodations for 6 nights with one classmate
  • Transportation to classes and grocery store

Snorkeling Gallery

“I can’t imagine why this isn’t the universal way swimming is taught. Too awesome for words. Euphoric.”
Margaret Teague, CA

Don't miss out any longer!

Book the Beginning Snorkeling Course today and see beautiful fish and beautiful new scenery in your new freedom!

Take Beginning Snorkeling and Next Step Snorkeling back to back, and get a $100 discount. More learning from one air fare.



1 week course
Ten 3-hour classes
*Non-refundable deposit of $150, plus $150 for hotel reservation required to reserve your space. Total $300 to register.