Scuba Diving Course

Open Up a New World of Possibilties

What to Expect

Experience the ocean like never before

In this course you’ll learn to be in control in the ocean, in control of your equipment, and comfortable diving, slowly and at your own pace. When you're in control in the ocean, presence of mind and confidence enable you to learn to dive. Learn to dive our way with international certification. Step by gentle step, we’ll teach you to dive, satisfying every one of your concerns.

Take the online e-learning dive course before you arrive. Purchase it and take it at the PADI site for approximately $180.

What You'll Learn:

  • What the ocean feels like in a safe environment
  • The principles of diving
  • How to assemble your gear
  • How to dive
  • How to enter the water from a boat
  • How to clear your ears, descend and ascend safely
  • How to dive with a buddy

What's Included:

  • Seven days of classes with a day off in the middle
  • Dry-land discussion before each class
  • In-water training each day
  • A Miracle Swimming licensed instructor and at least one PADI diving instructor
  • All diving gear except mask, fins, and snorkel (bring those)
“I never, ever could have done it without this class.”
Marita Valdmanis, San Francisco

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Book the Scuba Diving Course today and experience the under water grandeur of the ocean!


7-day course
*Non-refundable deposit of $150 required to reserve your spot in the class.