The Only Long-term Solution to Fear

What to Expect

Triathletes are some of the hardest working athletes we know.

Training for three sports is a big commitment. Do you find yourself skimping on the swimming because it's not fun? Many triathletes push themselves too hard on the swim: they push to get into the water, push to get air, push to forget the fact that they’re in deep or dark water, push to get out of the water and onto the bike. It makes swimming the most difficult sport to train for and race. It doesn’t have to be hard. Imagine: it could be fun!

Let’s face it, pushing yourself through fear in water when you don’t feel safe doesn’t improve the swim part of your tri. It's not safe. You need to feel safe and be safe.

How about learning to float in deep water and prevent panic? It’s the only long-term solution. And it’s the only thing that can make your tri and your swim training really fun. If your mind says, “The water’s dark, it’s deep, I don’t know what’s in it, I don’t know where the bottom is, there are no sides, it’s big,” you can either try to manage it, or you can heal it. At Miracle Swimming, we heal it.

None of those things matter to someone who understands how the water works. These two skills, learning how the water works and how to remain in control are what make our courses different from the rest of the instruction that’s out there.