Ultra Beginning Course

The Basics of Being in the Water


Take this course if you have been terrified in shallow water. This class begins in a 2-foot deep pool and allows a lot of time for the basics of being in the water. If you are only afraid in deep water, then take the Beginning Course. If you're not sure which course to take, call us. 

What to Expect

Are you disinterested in deep water?
Are you uneasy walking out into the middle of the pool in water up to your chest?

If so, this course is for you. The Ultra Beginning Course consists of eight, 3-hour classes starting in a 1-2 foot deep pool, allowing more time for the basics of being in the water. There are no more that 10 students per class with an individual instructor for every 2-3 students. Our specially-designed warm pool is set to 90-92 degrees, perfect for learning.

The Ultra Beginning Course is the exact same course as the Beginning, but it proceeds more slowly and doesn't teach the same extent of skills. After Ultra Beginning, a student usually progresses to Beginning.

What's Covered:

  • Slowing down to a pace that feels safe to you
  • Understanding the importance of staying true to yourself
  • Remaining 100% in-control at all times
  • How to be comfortable putting your face in water
  • How to float in 2 feet of water
  • Replacing fear with presence of mind and understanding
  • Panic prevention
  • How to move about with ease and comfort
  • Comfort moving about in the shallow end of a regular pool

What's Included:

  • Eight 3-hour Classes
  • 1 hour of dry-land discussion per class
  • 2 hours of in-pool training per class
  • Fun

  • A Licensed Miracle Swimming Instructor or a trained assistant for every 3-4 students
  • 60 page Handbook

Sounds too good to be true? Read our Student Comments.


Will this class work for me?

Yes, the class works for virtually everyone. It’s a system based on universal learning principles, the 5 Circle Teaching Method.

How is this different from other swimming lessons I’ve tried?

The system you’ve most likely tried in the past is built upon the premise that learning strokes is the same thing as learning to swim. For adults, learning strokes is NOT the same thing as learning to swim! Learning strokes succeeds only if people are already comfortable in the water. That’s only about half the U.S. adult population. The traditional system is not equipped for people who need the steps that lead to comfort in water, shallow and deep. That’s the Miracle Swimming way.

Why are your classes 3 hours long?

It gives us an hour on land to discuss what comes up for you in the pool, and to apply our system. Our technique is very simple and it makes sense to everyone, yet it takes practice. For example, you probably think that working hard at something is the way to learn it. This belief will be debunked and you’ll come to understand what works best for overcoming fear.

Secondly, a two-hour pool session allows you to review what you did last time, settle into how you feel that day in the water, practice, learn more, and practice. In warm water, we’re always comfortable for two hours. It’s the ideal way to learn.

What is the age range of class members?

20 to 90. Older students are welcome! And, we have had some high school students by special arrangement. Most students are 30-65.

What if I wear contacts/glasses?

You may wear them under goggles if you wish. Or, you can buy goggles that have your prescription ground into them. Choose a pair of goggles that fit your face and don’t leak, first. Then have them ground.

Should I eat before class?

We recommend eating lightly but enough that hunger won’t distract you in class. Remember we are on land for an hour before we get into the pool.

Why do your classes cost what they cost?

First, our classes are three to five times longer than traditional classes. They have to be, in order to deliver what you want and what we promise.

Secondly, our instructors are specially trained, committed adults.

Third, we incur pool expenses wherever we teach and have our own pool to support. At remote vacation classes, we have travel expenses.

Fourth, your course fee pays our employees’ salaries, instructors’ fees, and all our annual overhead. Whereas the YMCA covers some of their costs via United Way donations, other YMCA programs, and local fundraising efforts, and other traditional swim classes are subsidized by tax bases in municipal learn-to-swim programs, we do not and are not. 

Lastly, we developed this original, breakthrough teaching technology that isn’t available elsewhere. Yet it’s virtually the only way to learn panic prevention and overcome your fear in water. We have 35 years’ experience giving our flagship course. There is no one with this experience and no greater value in the Learn-to-Swim universe.

Find every answer you’ve sought. Read our book to be convinced. Also see our Student Comments.

"It’s totally worth every minute and I fundamentally feel like a different person!”
JL, Sarasota, FL

Are you ready to become comfortable in water?

Book the Ultra Beginning Course today and get started understanding what joy in the water is about at last.
4-Week Course


Twice per week
Eight 3-hour classes
1 hour on land
2 hours in warm water
*Non-refundable deposit of $150 required to reserve your spot in the class.
Travelers to Sarasota
5-Day Vacation


5 days
Eight 3-hour classes
1 hour on land
2 hours in warm water
*Non-refundable deposit of $150 required to reserve your spot in the class.