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How and Why Miracle Swimming Began
Posted by: Melon Dash

Facebook Interview with Founder Melon Dash, August, 2018:

Facebook Interview Melon Dash and Eric Lupton of Pool Fence Inc.

Where did the name” Melon" come from? 0:00

How did Miracle Swimming get started? 3:25

How did your lessons get started? 10:15

What happened that made people afraid in water? 11:00

The most important thing about learning to swim 12:05

Psychic class 12:45

People leave their bodies 14:07

Our lessons are different because… 15:00

How did our system come about? 15:35

Have you used the 5 Circles in other parts of your life? 20:20

Questions from listener, answers: 20:58 – 26.15

Adults are the key to children’s drownings 29:50

USA Swimming’s learn-to-swim (kids) statistics 34:30

What should you do if you want to learn how to swim? 36:45

Instructor trainings 43:30

What are Melon’s goals? 45:50

Sarasota Drowning Prevention Coalition 48:00

How to work with Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc. 51:50