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Posted by: Melon Dash

What Is Personal Water Safety?

Swimming Pros,

If you teach only kids to swim as opposed to teaching only adults as we do (virtually), you may not know that learning freestyle and learning to swim are two different things.

Freestyle is a stroke. Learning to swim is learning personal water safety in deep water.

It only makes sense to be sure people are safe in the water before you try to teach them anything. Like strokes!

Why do you teach strokes in swimming lessons? Isn’t it because you believe it will make people safe?

Let’s take a little trip. What do strokes give people?

  • 1. Propulsion? No, they can propel themselves without formal strokes.
  • 2. Direction? No, they can move in any direction without formal strokes.
  • 3. Speed? Yes, they can move with more speed with formal strokes than without them.

But when is speed helpful for safety? Swimming away from a shark? Sorry, too slow.

Strokes are not needed for water safety.

Why do we say that Miracle Swimming is the future of swimming lessons? Because we teach people who are not safe in deep water (adults or kids) how to be safe there. That’s what adults and parents want! We teach them how to be present and to prevent panic in deep water. When parents tell you they want you to teach their kid to do freestyle by X date and you know the kid’s not ready, wouldn’t you like to tell them what they need to know to be informed (as above) so you could teach what you know to be correct and safe?

Teaching people how to be present is the very definition of safety. When someone is present, he/she can feel what his body is telling him, he can remember what he’s been taught, and he has a choice about his action. Teaching them how to prevent panic is beyond any level of safety that teaching strokes provides and beyond the safety of almost anyone in the water today. This is what sets Miracle Swimming apart. We make people safer.

We make people safe.

Once they are safe, they have attention to spare for learning strokes: they’re no longer focused on survival. People know this is the correct order to learn in! Take the Miracle Swimming Instructor Training. Once adults can swim, they can learn strokes from you. Whole Families Should Know How to Swim, Not Just Kids!