Conquer Fear Of Water - Video

The Miracle Swimmer Video: Available in 3 formats

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The Miracle Swimmer / Learn to Be in Control in Water, Shallow and Deep: Prevent Panic

Learning to swim MEANS overcoming fear of water. You can't learn to "swim" (nor can you learn strokes that work) while you're afraid: you have to overcome fear first. The video/DVD shows adult beginners overcoming their fears about being in the water: the same concerns you have (eyes, ears, breath, nose, sinking, deep water, drowning, feeling out of control, etc.). It shows the questions they had, the steps they took, and how to overcome fear in a gentle, fun, guaranteed-to-be-successful way.
The video/DVD can be bundled with the book for savings: $29.95 + $22: save on shipping/handling. Available in VHS, DVD, and PAL formats. The dvd and video have different covers but they're the same movie.

"What I achieved is just short of miraculous."

"If I could give advice to someone who really has a deep desire to learn to swim, I would tell them to first watch your it several times. Then, get in the water and attempt to do the simplest of things the video teaches, such as putting your face in the water. It may seem too elementary to the average non-swimmer to be of any value, but it's not. It's extremely important as your video demonstrates. Actually, the one woman in the video who was deathly afraid of deep water was quite an inspiration to me. After four swim lessons at the Y I knew that I would never learn how to swim if I used their methods. They were not addressing my fear of water. In my frustration, I got on the Internet and discovered the Miracle Swimming Institute's web page. Hooray! There it was, an answer to my prayers."

"After watching your video, I found that I actually liked the feeling of the water holding me up. It felt relaxing. Your video demonstrates that people float at different levels. My instructor at the Y had taught us that floating perfectly horizontally was the only correct way. Floating at my natural level enabled me to relax in the water for the first time. Plus, it's reassuring knowing that my body's fat content is somewhat average!"

"What I achieved after watching the video twice is just short of miraculous. In two weeks I went from being a non-swimmer to a floater to an actual swimmer. The video gave me information on how to conquer my fear of water but also provided me with the confidence to try."

"I think most non-swimmers believe that nearly everyone else in the world knows how to swim except for them. I certainly did. Knowing how to swim contributes to a sense of normalcy, self-assurance and self-reliance. For anyone that loves being in water (and I always have), knowing how to swim adds a dimension to life that seems unattainable for non-swimmers."

Thank you again.
Sharry, Ohio

"Just want you to know how much your book gave me confidence to get back in the water again. Slowly, step by step, I spent last summer learning how to enjoy the water. Your reassuring words gave me the patience I needed and the acceptance that whatever stage I was at was ok, as long as I was having fun. And it was fun. By the end of the summer I was doing things I never thought I'd be able to do. And now, though the warm weather's over, I'll probably get myself to the pool a few times just to make sure I'm not dreaming--that I actually could go into the deep end of the pool and, most importantly, choose to do it because I enjoyed it! Thanks so much."
-Phyllis Tashlik, NYC

"Truly amazing. Brilliant."
-Numerous readers

May 9, 2013

I have so much to say, but really quickly, I am now jumping into 12 feet of water, treading water, and doing freestyle strokes in the deep! You have helped me so much!! A million hugs to you!! You have written such a detailed step-by-step instruction manual for swimming that I believe every swim instructor should have it. I have just ordered my swim instructor your book through Amazon. He indicated to me that he used one of the techniques that I used to get myself comfortable in the water with another student and she made progress with her swimming.

Once again, thank you!