Beginning 1 Swimming Classes

Would you feel safe in a 2-foot pool? There is no one who fails to learn to float and make progress in our classes if they're able to put their hands on the bottom.

In every Beginning class, our 8 students are at 8 levels. Our system accommodates each person at his/her own level and pace. As you know, the depth of the water makes a difference in your feeling of safety. Being in 2 feet of water is reassuring. If you would say that "any small thing" may make you panic, that's fine! We have the class for you. Register for this one.

Easier to Focus

Learning-wise, when you're with "your people" —and Miracle Swimming is all about being with your people—it's easier to focus. If you would be relieved to be able to put your hands on the bottom, join others who feel as you do. This class is just as much a Beginning class as the one called Beginning. The difference is that the shallow pool is guaranteed to be part of this class. Please give yourself permission to be "where you are." There is no silly reason for being afraid. There need be no shame. Each of the 109 million adults in the U.S. who is afraid in water became so for understandable reasons.

Our Solution:

Come to a class where it's expected that you'll achieve some of your learning in the 2-foot pool. It's one of our greatest assets at Miracle Swimming for Adults. Privacy is another one. By the way, we don't start with floating: our first steps are far more elementary than floating.

Anyone who would be relieved to start learning in a 2 foot pool should make sure they take our class in Sarasota, FL or Fairmont Springs, MT. When you're ready, you'll move to the medium-depth pool.

Learning just doesn't get any better than this.

There are more ultra-beginners than anyone knows. Step forward proudly and learn.

Upcoming Ultra Beginning

Class Level Testimonials

"I'm having a fantastic time in class. I have done things in the deep end of the pool that I only imagined. As long as I can remember, I have feared being thrown or pushed into water over my head. On Sunday, I actually voluntarily, of my own free will and with glee, jumped in. You have a truly transformative and fun program and I'm glad to have the opportunity to try it on."
— Francoise Spaulding-Keller, Berkeley, CA