Once you know you're safe and you can maneuver with confidence and ease, you're ready to learn strokes.

The Freestyle class builds on the confidence you learned in the first classes and teaches the sequence of steps needed to put together a whole freestyle: balance, line, kick, propulsion, and breathing, at your own pace. Learn turns, drills, swimming toys, and ways to make workouts and lap swimming fun. Yes, once you're in your body, it generally takes a week to learn the freestyle.

Learn how to use swimming for exercise (workout construction), lap swimming etiquette, and how to use a pace clock. Daily video of you for maximum feedback. Learn Freestyle and the culture of Lap Swimming.

Ten 3-hour classes over 7 days. Discount $75 if you register 4 months early.


  • Must have taken our BEGINNING class.
  • Must understand "being in your body"
  • Must be in your body for front float and back float and unfloats, rolling from front to back and back to front and trying all "toys" in the shallow end (sitting on bottom, falling forward, somersaults, handstands, whale jumps). You don't necessarily have to be able to do those toys: just be comfortable trying them.
  • All of those skills must be done without speed.
  • You may learn open turns or flip turns.
  • If the class you're taking is in deep water, you must be free in deep water first.

Schedule is approximately:
Day 1: 9-noon and 3-6 p.m.
Day 2: 9-noon
Day 3: 9-noon and 3-6
Day 4: off
Day 5: 9-noon and 3-6
Day 6: 9-noon
Day 7: 9-noon and 3-6

Lodging, especially when classes are in the San Francisco Bay Area: we recommend that you stay in a hotel nearby so you can devote your week to swimming and absorbing information, and reduce stress of commuting and household responsibilities.

Sarasota: Homewood Suites, Fruitville Road is nearest hotel. Free shuttle to class.
In Sarasota, we go sailing on one free afternoon if you're interested.
Pool passes are available for play and "practice" once class ends.


If you don't have fins, we recommend Aquasphere Zip VX Fins. If your legs are in shape, Sporti Training Fins would also do. Test your new fins in the pool and make sure they're comfortable, not too long or too stiff. Allow time to replace them, just in case. It's VERY important to have fins that work on Day 1. If these don't work for you, buy full-foot rubber snorkeling fins.

Wetsuit shirt

The pool will be 82-84 degrees. A wetsuit vest or shirt may be appropriate for warmth. Virtually everyone has worn them in the past. Rent is $14 for 1-7 days, or buy your own for class and use afterward.

Please bring these items to class:

  • two bathing suits
  • dark goggles if class is outdoors
  • rubber full-foot snorkeling fins if you have them
  • sun block
  • hat

Pool photo shown: Soda Aquatic Center, Moraga, California

Freestyle Refresher

Three sessions of 3 hours each: the last 3 sessions of the course. Sarasota, FL or Moraga, CA

CLUB Miracle Swimming (offered from time to time)
Tune up your freestyle if you haven't swum in a while. 3 hours: 30 minutes on land, 2 hours in pool, 30 minutes video playback on land.

“I can't believe I learned it. I just let myself slow down and it came. After all these years. I'm so happy!"
—Mary Tansey

"Very surprised by progress. All good."

—Michael Jee

"I'm getting lots of benefit from being watched and getting immediate feedback as well as from the videotape."

—Ellen Dietschy

"Life-changing, Confidence-boosting, Bonding, Excellent"

—Terri Pickering, San Francisco