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In every Beginning class, our 8 students are at 8 individual levels. Our system accommodates each person at his/her own level and pace. However, a few times a year a student says, "I felt much more afraid than my classmates. I wish I had been with other people at my level." As one student described it, her fear was "off the Richter Scale." To be off the Richter Scale is to be really afraid: you feel that "any small thing" may make you panic. That's fine! We have a class for you.

Easier to Focus

We've taken the next step in making sure you're with "your people." When you're with "your people” —and Miracle Swimming classes are all about being with your people”—it's easier to focus on the course. We do not have a screening process for who is an Ultra-Beginner. Some people think they're beginners and they are really Ultra-Beginners. Some think they're UB's but they'd do fine in a Beginning class. We let people be their own judge in choosing a class.

If a class is at risk of being canceled due to low enrollment 10 weeks before the class, it may be opened to non-ultra-beginners as well. You will still be with other ultra-beginners and the pace of class will not speed up.

Our Solution:

There is no one who fails to learn to float and swim in our classes if they're able to learn in a pool where they can put their hands on the bottom. By the way, we don't start with floating: our first steps are far more elementary than floating.

Some of our class locations have 1-2 foot pools. Anyone who would be relieved to start learning in a 1-foot pool should make sure they take our class in Sarasota, FL, Palm Springs, CA, or Fairmont Springs, MT. When you outgrow the 1-2 foot pool, you'll move to a medium-depth pool.

Your instructor will accommodate you in the 1-2 foot pool as needed in any class offered at the above locations even if your class is not designated as Ultra-Beginning. If you're an Ultra-Beginner, and you wish to take a class with "your people," join us in Sarasota. Learning just doesn't get any better than this.

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Class Level Testimonials

"I'm having a fantastic time in class. I have done things in the deep end of the pool that I only imagined. As long as I can remember, I have feared being thrown or pushed into water over my head. On Sunday, I actually voluntarily, of my own free will and with glee, jumped in. You have a truly transformative and fun program and I'm glad to have the opportunity to try it on."
— Francoise Spaulding-Keller, Berkeley, CA