Miracle Swimming
Traditional Swim Schools
# Class Hours 24 6-12
# Hours in the Pool 16 6-10
Teach in Pool Always for all 16 hours of instruction Sometimes
# Teachers 1 teacher and usually 2-3 assistants 1
Class Size 5-10 (if several teachers or assistants) 3-20
Water Temp 90-92 degrees (warm) Cooler at some hotels. If so, we use wetsuit tops. 80-85 degrees (chilly for learning)
Course Content Control. Healing Fear. Panic Prevention. Swimming with ease, comfort and confidence. Premise: If you overcome your fear, you will learn to swim. Stroke mechanics
Premise: If you learn strokes, you will overcome your fear.
Results Adults confident in deep water, lap-swimming for exercise, swimming, snorkeling (or scuba diving ) on vacations.

To achieve all these results, more than one class is needed.

Adults stroking, not swimming, not feeling safe in deep water.
Money Back Guarantee Have had one for 32 years Not available to our knowledge
Reading Materials Handbook (60 pages) specifically about the mechanics of remaining in control, panic prevention and all that arises for students as they overcome fear in water. Conquer Your Fear of Water is a separate book. Not available to our knowledge
Visualization Part of class Not available to our knowledge
Practice Time In class In class if there’s time
# Meetings 8 5-10
Cost/Hour $58-61 in SF Bay Area, NYC

$48-58 at Vacation classes

$15-25, generally
Successful Experience with Fearful 32 Years
Other .5% students missed class
Much exposure to fearful beginners, however no training in teaching adults the steps of overcoming fear or preventing panic
Progression of Learning Available Comfort in shallow and deep water,
lap swimming, comfort in ocean,
snorkeling in the ocean, scuba certification.
Stroke mechanics in pools.
Discussion 8 hours
One hour on land to discuss how your swimming is going and your “homefun:” Student handbook specially written for overcoming fear in water.
Not available to our knowledge