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Deep Water Play

Deep Water Play

New class, 4 sessions of 3 hours, 1 hour on land, 2 in water

People ask if there’s a class that comes after Next Step that will increase their capabilities in deep water. The Deep Water Play class fills in the one gap we had remaining.

When you graduate from the teachings of the Next Step class, you have presence of mind for being in deep water. You understand how it works and you’re no longer afraid in a pool. You can bob indefinitely and you can play the “Stay Away from the Side” game indefinitely. You stop playing out of boredom, not fear.

Deep Water Play means understanding how to move your body to use the water to go where you want to go, becoming completely free in the water (except for the SCUBA tank of air). It increases your presence in the full water column in deep water. The point of the DWP class is to become nimble in water: to “find" your hands, to master your nose, to use your body effectively so that you can pick up a dime at the bottom of the deep end; swim under water; change directions under water; go upward, downward, backward and forward; play like a kid; feel free.

What is meant by “find your hands?” Right now, you have a measure of connection to the water with your hands. Some of your attention is on your air. Some is on your nose. Some of your attention used to be on the depth, but it’s not any longer if you’re ready for the DWP class. Some of your attention is on where other people are. Only when all of your attention is on the positioning of your body and hands to maximize the movement with your hands can you become fully present to connecting with the water and move well.

People who have a tremendous innate connection to the water are great competitive swimmers. The best of the best are people like Alexander Popov, Russian sprinter, who not only was the fastest in the world, but also moved his arms the slowest. He had such connection with the water that he took fewer strokes than anyone else.

You don’t need to be Popov, but you may want to have the choice to do whatever you want in the water. Hang upside down in the deep end with your feet out of the water for fun? Swim backward on the floor over the dropoff to disappear into the deep (which makes a very humourous video clip)? Retrieve your cell phone that you dropped in the drink at a murky lake? Get the toypedo off the bottom in the deep end?

We designed this class to be a 3-day weekend: Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning so you can be home that night.

I believe, but I’m not certain that we can get it all done in 3 days. Our first class will be an experiment. For that reason, rather than charging our normal rate for it, $650, this first class will cost $550. The prerequisite is that you can bob in the deep end and play the “Stay Away from the Side” game indefinitely except for the feeling, “That’s enough already!"

If you meet those requirements, you’re welcome to register. If not, re-take the Next Step class

Event Summary

Event Date 07-12-2019 3:00 pm
Event End Date 07-14-2019 12:00 pm
Individual Price $550.00
SARASOTA, FL - Sandcastle Beach Resort
1540 Benjamin Franklin Dr, Sarasota, FL 34236, USA
SARASOTA, FL - Sandcastle Beach Resort
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
$550.00 1

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