Every student agrees to the statement below.

You will achieve a level of comfort and skill that you’ve never been able to reach before; you will marvel at your progress in just one class session; you will begin to understand how water works for the first time; you will begin to find what it's like to be at ease in water regardless of how you’ve felt before, provided that you remain true to yourself (don't push) and do only what is fun for you throughout the course.

"I understand that Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc. provides a unique teaching. I understand that "MSA" is responsible for presenting the teaching, meeting me at my level, and answering all my questions about it. MSA will help me learn the course material. As in any class learning situation, I know that my responsibilities are to:

  • attend all classes: 100% of class time on land and in the water
  • listen, ask all my questions
  • understand
  • refrain from doing anything that is not fun
  • refrain from pushing myself
  • take responsibility for speaking up if I'm not 100% comfortable
  • apply the teaching to my practice in the water
  • ask for help when I need it
  • do the "homefun"
  • give myself all the time I need.

If I don't keep this agreement, I understand that I am not entitled to a refund. If I'm entitled to a refund, I may take the class again for free (within 12 months) instead of getting a refund, if I choose. I will receive no refunds/transfers for missed classes."

Comfort and safety in deep water are the goals of the Beginning and Next Step classes combined, not formal strokes. When you’re comfortable, swimming follows spontaneously. Strokes can be learned afterward.

Do you agree to these?

If so, when you register for a Beginning class (or higher), please click the appropriate checkbox at the Checkout Page.

"It's worth the risk. It's worth the money. It's life-changing. Are you kidding? I'm your cheerleader!"

— Linda Morris, CA

"It's the best. It's what you've been searching for. Just do it!! Watch the video. Take a mini-class."

— Anonymous, CA

"If it weren't for your swimming classes for adults who fear water, I probably would have passed up swimming in this lifetime. My deep gratitude for you and your classes. Thank you!"

— Kathi Gonzales, San Francisco