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Miracle Swimming

Conquer Your Fear of Water Book

Answers to every question you have about learning to feel safe and at ease in water, shallow and deep.

This is a comprehensive book about how to overcome fear and learn to swim. It starts at the true beginning and skips no steps.


Microfiber Towel, 60 x 36 inches

60 x 36 inches. Light weight, quick-drying, compact microfiber towel with the Miracle Swimming logo. Light blue one side, white on the other. About 8 x 3 x 3 inches when rolled up. Very nice towel.


Conquer Your Fear of Water E-Book

300 pages, 200 photos and diagrams. Full color. 5 megabyte file. PDF

We recommend that you start reading at the beginning rather than skip around.


Rash Guard

Long sleeved royal blue with yellow, white, and blue Miracle Swimming logo. Rash guard protects your skin from the sun. Provides some warmth against wind or chilly air and keeps a little bit of body heat in. Polyester. Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Should fit like your skin to avoid billowing in the water. These are popular and most students in our outdoor classes buy them, as you can see above. A close-up is available by clicking the Alternative Views below the photo.

Care: do not wring. Rinse in cold water after use, do not wring, and hang to dry out of the sun. For longest wear, do not put in washer or dryer.

Will be delivered at class. Price includes tax.

Nose clip

Wire or u-shaped colored plastic, or Speedo blue plastic


Wetsuit Rental 1-7 days

Rent a wetsuit to keep you warm: 1-7 days costs the same price if the vest is well- maintained while you have it. To replace: $35


Goggles, Aquasphere Kaiman

Aquasphere Kaiman goggles, mirrored. Small or Regular fit.


Silicone swim cap with Miracle Swimming logo. Blue, darker blue, or yellow. Darker blue is shown. Thinner than most silicone caps for more stretch for adult sizes.


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Conquer Your Fear of Water Excerpt, PDF

Get a worthwhile sneak peak into our book of 300 pages, 200 photos and diagrams. Full color.


Royalties are 5% of your gross revenue for a Miracle Swimming class or private lesson (PL).


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The Royalty is paid in exchange for the right to use the MSA proprietary methodology known as Miracle Swimming and 5 Circles® Teaching Method...; to receive updates on course content and continuing education opportunities; to receive assistance with teaching and marketing questions after the Licensee Tele-Training; and to support the worldwide dissemination of the MSA proprietary methodology to advance the goal of making all people comfortable and safe in deep water.


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Private Lesson

For lessons of varying lengths and durations.

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