Conquer Your Fear of Water Downloadable E-Book

Learn to Swim with the Steps Swimming Lessons Leave Out

by Melon Dash

Do you worry that you can’t float, remain in control, or keep yourself from drowning?
  • Overcome fear: Learn all the small, simple, sensible steps of becoming confident so you can be happy and comfortable in water, shallow and deep.
  • It’s not your fault if you didn’t learn in “swimming lessons.” Find out why.
  • Learn to swim. It’s about comfort, not strokes. Strokes are just choreography.
  • Learn the tried and true formula from the top expert in teaching fearful adults to swim
“This concept is so cutting edge that it is a tragedy that more instructors are not using this method." - Raymond Shores
"This book is a master class. My sincere thanks for writing to us in a manner that gave us confidence...." - Amit Gupta
"Thank you for imparting the message of not pushing and staying in control. I learned from your book that my fear of the water is... a fear of losing control of myself.... And now, I've just passed the SCUBA open water and written exams. I owe this to you." - Maria Mendoza
"I am an American Red Cross certified instructor and aquatic facility supervisor. The stick figures in your book... tell the whole story. Your book has completely turned my focus and teaching methods around. I am now a more effective and compassionate instructor." - Jane Bosse

More Product Information:

Strokes are not covered in this book.
300 pages, 200 photos and diagrams.
Our 5000 students and 65 instructors worldwide ask, “Why isn’t this the way all swimming is taught?”
The e-book is a PDF.