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"I can never, ever, ever thank you enough. Better than great. I cannot recommend it enough. It is truly a miracle."
—Joe Baron, CA

"This summer was truly one of the best summers I have ever had because of you and your phenomenal MSI program.
—Mark, The Converted Skeptic, CA

"I wish I could share this experience with the whole world. I would (do anything) for you."
— Cynthia Tuttelman, CA

"Take this class. Melon is amazing."

"This was truly an invaluable experience! It has changed my life, in the most positive of ways, forever. I will never forget this as long as I live and will be back someday for an upper level class. The bouncing game we played last night was worth the $1800, alone!"
— Tanya Childress, Oklahoma City

"It's like no other class! Swimming or otherwise I am very satisfied with my progress!"
— Caffieann Forde, Albany, NY

"Forget all the past disappointments. This will be the last time you'll take swim lessons. It works!"
— Jackie Kokosa, the Berkshires

6 Day Training: Online Training Plus 6 Days, Hands-on Training: to be followed by second half of Hands-on Training at your earliest convenience

Online plus 6 days Hands-on: $1999 Eight CEUs (Continuing Education Units) available from the University of Maine for the online and the 6-day Hands-on trainings together: add $115. Your password is good for three months, so you can start early and have plenty of time to complete and review the online training before you arrive.

11 Day Training: Online Plus 11 Days, Hands-on

Online training, plus the 11 days of Hands-on during our Beginning and Next Step classes for adults afraid in water, $1999. See the entire transformation from afraid-to-get-face-wet to freedom in the deep.

Eleven CEUs (Continuing Education Units) available from the University of Maine for completing the Online and Hands-on 11-day Trainings: add $215.

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Instructor Richard Schwarzenberger is a graduate of MS Beginning, Next Step, and Freestyle classes, himself. Seven MS