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This class was outstanding. “I never thought I could overcome my fear of water. This class works! I am a living testament.” -RM, Fresno, CA

[vc_column_text 0=””]Our Instructors Have More Training. They are mature adults, selected for their oneness with the water, their desire and ability to connect with adult students, and their commitment to:

  1. help adults understand the water, and
  2. inform adults’ beliefs about the water.

Instructors receive the most extensive, comprehensive instructor training of any learn-to-swim agency in the industry. It is the only training specifically targeted to the needs of the adult who is uncomfortable in water, shallow or deep: four times as long as traditional training and a completely new paradigm of teaching. Our training goes straight to the heart of the problem and solves it, leaving no stone unturned. Our success rate is virtually 100%. The system is based on having fun.