The Next Step Class is comprised of eight sessions of three hours each, one hour on land followed by two hours in the pool, like the Beginning class.  Continue from where you left off in your Beginning Class to full freedom in the shallow and deep, going at your own pace as always with Miracle Swimming. The goal is to attain complete confidence and control so you can be happy in the deep as long as you wish; you’ll know you’re safe, and it’s fun. You may or may not reach this level of confidence, as each person learns at his/her own pace. Learn to jump in, dive in, breathe at will and become certain of your safety. The slower you go, the sooner you learn. After this class, when you’ve finished the Learn to Swim process, you’ll be ready to learn strokes.

When you’re completely comfortable in the deep end, you’ll be able to “hang out” and rest for as long as you wish. In the Next Step class, master skills introduced in the Beginning swim class. There’s no rush, and you may repeat the class.

The purpose of the Beginning and Next Step swim classes together is to learn to swim according to our definition: to be at ease and comfortable in deep water for any length of time and able to go from here to there in the deep or shallow, confidently and safely. Once you can, you’re ready to learn strokes. The crawl stroke (freestyle) is taught in our Freestyle class. If you’re ready to begin learning freestyle at the end of the Next Step class, we’ll begin to teach you.


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