Learn how to enter the ocean, float in salt water, understand “how it works,” be comfortable with breakers and small waves, learn about currents, critters and tides, jump waves, and feel safe!

Three days, 4 classes, 12 hours. $560 includes course and transportation to classes.

Hotel cost is extra. Details at the links at the right. Let us know if you’d like a roommate.
Download a Free Florida Beach Safety PDF if you’d like (applicable to beaches anywhere).

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Now that you’ve learned how to enter the ocean and be comfortable, we’ll review the basic skills of Ocean 101 and expand: a sea kayaking lesson, snorkeling lesson (if the visibility is good enough), boogie boarding lesson, and SUP (Stand Up Paddling).

Three days, 12 hours. $720 includes course and equipment rental. Optional sailing on the bay on our afternoon off.

Ocean 202 is a continuation of understanding the ocean, how it moves and works, and how to be safe in it.


From an Ocean 101 grad:

I have been meaning to write you for about 2 months now to thank you again for Ocean 101.

I was in Maui in mid-April. The weather and water were beautiful – probably the best I have ever experienced in Hawaii. BUT what made my trip really special was how comfortable I was in the ocean, which I attribute to my experience in your Ocean 101 class in August. I snorkeled several times from the beaches and was perfectly comfortable. The extra knowledge and practice I gained in Ocean 101 really helped. I also did some boogie-boarding and got whomped and tumbled by waves twice. I don’t recommend getting whomped by waves (I wasn’t paying attention to the ocean enough! Duh!) but I am very happy to report that I did not freak out at all. I also brought my goggles and nose clip and practiced floating and swimming in the ocean just like we did in Sarasota. I am looking forward to more Hawaii trips.

Thank you again, Melon. Your classes have really made me happy!

-Tracy Rabold, San Francisco