Mission: to teach adults to overcome their fear in water

If someone can swim, he or she is not afraid in water. He knows how the water works and he’s confident in it. Our intention is that the drowning rate will fall precipitously when we’ve taught adults to overcome their fear. Once they overcome their fear of deep water, they become safe. Over seventy percent of American drownings are by adults. Adults who can swim can teach their kids to swim.

According to a 1998 Gallup Poll,

-46% of adults in the United States are afraid in water over their heads in a pool: 109 million people.
-64% of adults are afraid in deep, open water: 149 million
-39% of adults are afraid to put their heads under water: 91 million

After 35 years of teaching adults to swim, we’ve confirmed that traditional lessons, which were designed for children, are not the best fit for most adults. A program specifically for adults is imperative.

Our most economical classes cost $600 for 24 hours. These are offered to local residents who learn over the course of a month. It takes two 24-hour classes –Beginning and Next Step– for most adults to overcome their fear of water and learn to swim.

About 23,000 adults are below the poverty line in Sarasota County, but there are more adults than that who would be unable to make a $600 swimming lessons investment due to their family’s finances…even though knowing how to swim is essential for the family’s safety.

Miracle Swimming for Adults Pool

At Miracle Swimming for Adults we established

what we believe you’ll agree is the most efficient system

in the world to teach an afraid adult to swim, in 1983.

We estimate that it takes $1200, a bare-bones number, to teach one afraid adult to swim. This number does not keep the swim school afloat but can work as a supplement to our regular classes. We want to teach every adult non-swimmer in Sarasota, regardless of income level, to be safe in deep water. We can do this. It will take financial support and many new teachers.

Needs List, Current
Donate any amount

Scholarships for adults to learn to swim: $1200 per adult
Lightning detector: $10,000 When storms are distant, this allows us to stay in the water rather than exiting the pool as soon as we hear thunder. This would give us far fewer rescheduled hours of class. We typically reschedule 8 of 16 hours in the summertime.
Paint: $1800 plus volunteers to paint outdoor classroom and storage areas
Fencing: $2000 to enclose the pool equipment of the main pool
Shade cover for 2 foot pool: $4000
Classroom: $55,000 created from existing unbuilt structure which currently has pillars and roof
Office space: $75,000 onsite, re-created from current outdoor storage building


Needs List for Instructor Trainee Applicants Who Qualify for Scholarships
Scholarships for Instructors: $2000 or any part thereof

Teaching afraid adults requires well-informed and trained teachers. At the rate of pay that most swimming instructors receive today, it’s difficult for committed instructors who know they need more training to get expert credentials. The expenses of travel to Sarasota for trainings is additional. MSA is the only organization that specializes in, and has a time-tested, proven system for teaching afraid adults. It is also the only organization with a time-tested, proven system for training teachers of afraid adults. Our training is online (50 hours) and hands-on (60 hours). We believe every instructor should have a personal investment of at least $1000 in the finances of their training. Training fee: $2500. At least $1000 is to be paid by the scholarshipped trainee.

Travel expenses: $2000, when sharing a room for two weeks with one other trainee. Includes air fare, hotel, shared car, and meals.

Mail a check to:
Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc.
5114 Station Way
Sarasota, FL 34233