Sarasota Countywide Adult Learn-to-Swim Initiative
Posted by: Melon Dash

Sarasota Countywide Adult Learn-to-Swim Initiative

MSA celebrates 35th anniversary with project launch

Miracle Swimming for Adults (MSA) has announced its plan to teach all non-swimming adults in Sarasota County to be safe in water over their heads, beginning with classes at its pool this spring. Given the prevalence of water around Sarasota, it is advisable that all people be safe in it. A person may only need to know how to swim once.

The learn-to-swim system developed by MSA in 1983 differs from traditional lessons in that it does not teach strokes, but rather comfort, ease, confidence, and panic-prevention. MSA guarantees success for all students. Students learn complete confidence and the ability to rest and stay in deep water as long as they wish, calmly. They “graduate” when they rest peacefully in water over their heads for five minutes out of reach of any wall and say they can swim.

For the months of May, June, July and August, 2018, MSA is offering the Beginning class at 25% off the 62% off of our normal course fee! $449 is the course fee PLUS you get a free rash guard (sun shirt), swim cap, nose clip, and goggles. This is for the first 50 people to sign up for Community classes during those four months.

It is estimated that there are 125,000 adults in the county who are not safe in deep water according to a national Gallup Poll. Current local graduates will give free talks this spring and summer to community groups about the Miracle Swimming system. Classes may be observed for free at its pool on McIntosh Road.

Many adult non-swimmers have resigned themselves to never trying to learn. MSA asks them to attend and watch.

Comfort is the basis of Miracle Swimming

Learning a back float at our under water fence.

The program includes two sessions. Each session has eight 3-hour classes. Together, the two sessions typically bring students to comfort and safety in deep water. MSA, a Sarasota non-profit, will charge $600 per session to cover the cost of the program. MSA plans to offer financial assistance for those who prove need. Students learn at their own pace: some finish in one month; most take two months and some, three months. There is no time limit on learning.

When parents learn to swim, chances are almost 90% higher that their children will learn to swim. MSA believes that adults are the most important population to teach to swim since they are responsible for the family’s safety. MSA defines learning to swim as becoming safe in water over one’s head. Strokes can be learned once one can swim.

MSA’s system, combined with its large warm outdoor pool and two-foot pool have made it inevitable that even the most afraid adults are successful.

Go to the Beginning 2 Class page. Make sure it describes what you want to learn. From there, see the upper right corner with the list of classes. Choose a Community Class. Those are the ones with the $449 price tag. Click that link and register. Questions? Call 941.921.6420 or email info@miracleswimming.org.