The Snorkeling Class, given in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands, teaches you to use snorkeling gear and be at ease snorkeling, first in a quiet, safe, beautiful environment and later in more diverse and safe conditions. Learn one small step at a time, starting in flat, shallow water.


Swim with Dolphins: Learn just the rudiments of using snorkeling gear in order to swim with dolphins, August, 2019.
Be comfortable in deep water in a pool first, since there’s no choice to swim in shallow water once we’re out with the dolphins. This is not the full 7-day snorkeling class, and much comfort in the deep is presumed before the trip.


April, 2019, St. Croix

Have you dreamt of snorkeling? Have you tried it while feeling frightened? Learn to be in control and comfortable in salt water, feel the ocean hold you up, see beautiful fish and magnificent creatures, be at ease in water that moves, be at home with snorkeling equipment, keep track of where you are, learn to remove water from your mask and snorkel, and if you’re ready, to be free in open water. Confidence leads to safety. Make yourself safe!

Learn the basics in quiet, flat water.

Taking the Snorkeling class provides significantly more comfort and confidence in the ocean than simply taking our Beginning class in the pool.

Air fare not included. Bring your own mask, fins snorkel and wetsuit, or rent them on location.

To take the Snorkeling class, you only need to be able to float, to stand up (back and front) from the float, and roll over from front to back in a pool. We’ll teach you how to snorkel and be in control in the ocean. If you don’t know how to float and unfloat, take our Beginning class first.



The Snorkeling Next Step class reviews snorkeling and teaches you more advanced skills of snorkeling and sea kayaking. Class sentiment determines activities. Hawaii: Stay in oceanfront condos in town.

Seven days/6 nights. Arrive by noon on start date. Our first review session is that afternoon. We’ll have 1-2 classes each day. We’ll take one full day off or 2 half-days for rest and sight-seeing.

Your class will choose two excursions from among these activities: snorkeling in tidepools, snorkel cruise in a marine preserve, sea kayaking introduction, sea kayaking day-trip, snorkeling with wild manta rays at night, and swimming with wild dolphins. Depending on class sentiment, we may take more than 2 excursions.

Price of each course includes course, shared oceanfront condo with one classmate, and transportation to classes and grocery store. Air fare and meals not included.

If you take Snorkeling Beginning and Snorkeling Next Step back to back, get a $100 discount.

Learn one small step at a time, the Miracle Swimming way: with physical steps and energy steps that keep you growing comfortably and having fun all the time.

To take the Next Step Snorkeling class, you need to have taken our Beginning Snorkeling class.

The Snorkeling classes teach confidence and competence that surpass those available in pool classes.


U.S. Virgin Islands:
St. Croix, Snorkeling Next Step March 2019

“I am so proud of myself!”
-Sharon Carter

“I can’t imagine why this isn’t the universal way swimming is taught. Too awesome for words. Euphoric.”
-Margaret Teague, CA

“Be prepared to change the way you think.”
-Adrienne Love, Atlanta