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Beginning Course Testimonials

Read what others who have taken these courses over the years have had to say about the Miracle Swim teaching method.
“This class is changing my life. It will allow me to live a fuller and more complete life. My progress has been light years in 5 days!”
  • – JA
  • San Francisco, CA
“This way of teaching swimming truly is miraculous! Don’t hesitate, especially if you’ve failed before.”
  • – FA
  • Oakland, CA
“It was a unique experience and I definitely felt I made more progress in this class than any other I had as a child. I felt a lot of compassion and understanding from the instructor and the course structure.”
  • – EN
  • 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. (14-21ST) - Sarasota, FL
“It’s hard to imagine the class being any more effective, the instructor/student ratio was very conducive to learning.”
  • – ZH
  • Corona, CA
“I believe this class works because everyone works at his/her own pace. No pressure.”
  • – CH
  • San Carlos, CA
“Wonderful; don’t wait too long!”
  • – VC
  • El Cerrito, CA
“I’m sure Melon’s philosophy would be a great enhancement for swimmers regardless of their level of experience, but for fearful adults and beginners, there could not be a more thorough approach. It works!!!”
  • – MM
  • Beverly Hills, CA
“It is a great class.”
  • – NA
  • Alshabhiyah, Kuwait
“I have been applauding this class since day one. I’ve already asked and encouraged my “non-swimming”, aqua phobic friends to take this class and am giving this class to my daughter as a graduation gift.”
  • – FH
  • Corona, CA
“Best decision I ever made. Had a great time learning to be free in water. Definitely going to take another next class.”
  • – EC
  • Corona, CA
“I feel like I have a whole new life to live and am so excited for it! Don’t wait!”
  • – AM
  • Mill Valley, CA
“Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous! I would highly recommend it. This is real teaching and the only way to learn to swim.” Novato, CA
  • – GS
  • Novato, CA
“Exceptional. There does not seem to be any other programs that effectively deal with adult swimmers that have fears/phobias of water.”
  • – JC
  • Yucaipa, CA
“Highly recommended – it works!"
  • – BG
  • St. Petersburg, FL
“This class freed me. I would never have learned the skills I have here in a traditional swim course, I know because I have taken other courses and not been successful. Two words to anyone considering Miracle Swimming – Take it!” Richmond, TX
  • – CW
  • Richmond, TX
“I feel this class was the best I have ever taken. I love the method of teaching, the instructor and spotters were great. I was able to remain in my comfort zone.”
  • – JM
  • New Orleans, LA
“THANK YOU!! …This class was worth taking!”
  • – AM
“I was so glad to take this class! This is how everyone should have learned how to swim.”
  • – AG
  • St. Petersburg, FL
“This class lives up to all of its claims…others have already been told about the class!”
  • – JJ
  • Richmond, TX
“This class was great and I would tell others the hardest step is signing up. Just do it.”
  • – TS
  • Groton, CT
“Based on the reputation, there is a positive belief coming in. To me the most important element was discussing our fears. It is like therapy, it was important to talk about it and deal with it.”
  • – LG
  • Washington, DC
“The class worked really well for me.”
  • – TT
  • Larchmont, NY
“I would definitely recommend this class.”
  • – RK
  • NYC, NY
“The work is in internalizing the philosophy, not in the mechanics. If you can do that, it works.”
  • – NM
  • NYC, NY
“Supportive and helpful…the material was presented well…then repeated.”
  • – JE
  • NYC, NY
“I made a lot of progress in conquering my fear of water in a very short period of time. I still have much more I want to accomplish, so I plan to take another Miracle Swimming class in the future.”
  • – SH
  • Bloomsburg, PA
“The concept of learning to be safe in the water, before learning strokes was important.”
  • – SH
  • Austin, TX
“This class has changed my life. What I do for the next 20-30 years will start with this class!”
  • – VL
  • Long Beach, CA
“I learned to slow down and be comfortable in the water.”
  • – CO
  • Brookline, MA