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Beginning Course Testimonials

Read what others who have taken these courses over the years have had to say about the Miracle Swim teaching method.
"It does wrk, stick with it."
  • – JM
  • Tullahoma, TN
"Understanding my relationship with the water worked well for me in class."
  • – GR
  • Minneapolis, MN
"I feel like this course is life changing and I have said as much to who ever will listen (including my followers on social media). No matter your starting point or your reasons for not being able to swim, Miracle Swimming is the best possible choice for you. They meet you where you are."
  • – AF
  • Brandenton, FL
"Very wothwhile experience, for swimming and life."
  • – CB
  • Sarasota, FL
"Transformed! Both physically and mentally. Doing something I thought was impossible makes me question what else I think is impossible...is actually possible."
  • – XW
  • Emeryville, CA
"It's a miracle if you fear water. GO FOR IT."
  • – RB
  • Saratoga, CA
"It's the best class I have ever taken. best decision ever."
  • – MBO
  • San Leandro, CA
"The teaching style applies to all age groups, so I would strongly recommend anyone to just take the class without any second thoughts."
  • – TS
  • San Jose, CA
"I really enjoyed this class and feel it is definitely worth the investment to learn to enjoy water and swimming. After all, it is a skill and way relating to water that becomes a lifelong habit so it is like spreading the financial investment over that lifelong time period."
  • – LH
  • San Francisco, CA
"I'm so pleased To have taken this class. It is life changing and empowering."
  • – FE
  • San Francisco, CA
"The instructor actually helped me feel comfortable in water."
  • – RB
  • Saratoga, CA
"This is a great class for adults who are afraid of the water."
  • – DD
  • Oakland, CA
After 24 hours of instruction, I feel the need to continue working on being comfortable in the water - have not even attempted back float (after taking this class for the 2nd time). I understand the need to take baby steps and be slow, but life is short!
  • – PK
  • Longboat Key, FL
"It was a great investment of money and time. I now have a solid foundation to build on in my swimming journey."
  • – AW
  • Bronx, NY
"Don't hesitate to take this class. It will change your life. I am amazed at the comfort I feel now being in water."
  • – DF
  • Albemarle, NC