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Beginning Course Testimonials

Read what others who have taken these courses over the years have had to say about the Miracle Swim teaching method.
"Would recommend it to anyone wishing to learn to how to swim."
  • – DB
  • Odenton, MD
"Mind blowing-almost stupid simple but that's what makes it effective. Take a chance on it."
  • – RT
  • Kansas, MO
"The take it slow, trust the process you hear over and over is true. Honestly, I was doubtful even by Day 2! But all changed for me the morning of Day 3."
  • – CO
  • Astoria, NY
"I loved this class. I would tell them tell others to do the class with openness and honestly. They will be amazed at breakthroughs and joy - in themselves and their classmates discoveries."
  • – BS
  • Bethlehem, GA
"I'm glad I tried it."
  • – AB
  • New York City, NY
"Ultra beginner really means Ultra. I appreciated it."
  • – KO
  • Chamblee, GA
"Above all - Teresa was fantastic! I liked that the class was small (3 people) so lots of attention. Great that is was local (several days between class). The information was the same as when I took it in 2006 so it all came back to me and I feel better about my progress this time."
  • – DH
  • North Venice, FL
"This is really great! I now feel confident in the water. Everything that I've learned feel integrated. The lessons about remaining in your body are applicable to other aspects of life as well."
  • – KD
  • Northport, FL
"Being able to go slow worked well for me"
  • – RR
  • Oakland, CA
'"Would absolutely recommend."
  • – RP
  • San Francisco, CA
"Great class for adults with bad experiences as its goal is to impact the whole person and not just the act of swimming."
  • – JW
  • San Jose, CA
"Slow pace, use of goggles, nose clips and a vest were very helpful for me. All that time you spend trying to lose weight, be glad you were so crappy at it, finally a few extra pounds means you can float more easily than skinny people."
  • – MH
  • San Francisco, CA
"Learning in a small group setting with spotters worked well for me."
  • – AG
  • Castro Valley, CA
"This class was money well spent. The materials available for purchase during each class relieved a lot of stress."
  • – JO
  • Mountain View, CA