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Beginning Course Testimonials

Read what others who have taken these courses over the years have had to say about the Miracle Swim teaching method.
“The Beginning class was wonderful. I was healing not only my fear of water, but of life. It sounds weird coming from a 72 year old woman, but it’s true. Your method of teaching is perfection.”
  • – HA
  • Cape Coral, FL
“’Miracle Swimming delivers a unique approach to facilitate students’ gaining comfort in the water and their interaction with the water.”
  • – LR
  • Bradenton, FL
“Definitely go for it. The principles taught here can be implemented in all aspects of your life. I am grateful I found this class.”
  • – AT
  • Tampa, FL
“Very different than any other lessons that I have taken. I was very happy with this class and I have signed up for the Next Step class.”
  • – BB
  • Bradenton, FL
“Stop letting fear be in control of your life. This program not only teaches you how to swim…but its principles can be applied in LIFE!”
  • – RO
  • Sarasota, FL
“Awesome type of learning for adults.”
  • – SO
  • Ontario, CAN
“’This class provides a clinically sound approach, using behavioral cognitive and mindfulness approaches. Its goal is to desensitize fear and give a slow, safe approach to swimming.”
  • – DH
  • Douglaston, NY
“Embrace what the 1st Circle really means to you. If you’re not in it, then you don’t move on. Comfort over skills. I will be back.”
  • – CH
  • Warwickshire, UK
“I feel very positive about the class.”
  • – VF
  • New York, NY
“Amazing! I have made so much progress in this class after having complete failure in other classes. The MSA teaching method is one of a kind.”
  • – JO
  • Pflugerville, TX
“Fabulous, wonderful, every accolade you could imagine. It’s personal, effective, and you will be amazed at your ability to overcome and conquer your fears. It is life-changing!”
  • – SW
  • Rochester., NY
“What worked well for me was going slowly and staying calm.”
  • – CC
  • Gaithersburg, MD
“Course Content: 10/10. Uniqueness of Teaching, Effectiveness of Teaching, Discussions: 10/10.. What worked for me was getting over my fear of deep water."
  • – TS
  • Vandalia, IL
“This class is for everyone who is interested in self-exploring, expanding, and understanding better the relationship with self and others.”
  • – NA
  • Seattle, WA
“This class is life-changing. You will learn to swim with MSA. My recommendation is to clear your calendar of work and all other commitments while taking the class. No distractions!”
  • – SP
  • Sarasota, FL
“I have the highest level of happiness with this class.”
  • – PY
  • San Francisco, CA
“The individualized instruction worked especially well for me.”
  • – DE
  • Oakland, CA
“I give my highest rating to the course content, and the instructors teaching style.”
  • – SS
  • San Francisco, CA
“I wish I had taken the class at least 30 years ago when my own children were young.”
  • – JH
  • Elk grove, CA
“This class was very effective. The discussions helped. The video and book tied in nicely. Learning about the circles ‘worked especially well for me.”
  • – SS
  • Modesto, CA
“I enjoyed this class very much. The instructor was warm and empowering. We had a wonderful group.”
  • – SB
  • Oakland, CA
“This class has made a tremendous difference in helping me conquer my paralyzing fear of the water. I highly recommend this class without reservation. I was afraid to even put my face in the water initially and have come so far in 4 weeks!”
  • – CW
  • San Francisco, CA
“This class was priceless! The instructor and spotter were my angels.”
  • – SM
  • Houston, TX
“This class teaches you to avoid the frustration and be yourself.”
  • – NN
  • Cherry Hill, NJ
“The instruction was terrific – sensitive to the individual needs of each student. The instructional style lets you unfold as a learner.”
  • – MZ
  • Sarasota, FL
“So absolutely worthwhile! It has healed some wounds that have burdened me for a very long time. Each session replaced old, hurtful memories with happy, growthful experiences. I love you, Miracle Swimming!”
  • – LT
  • Indianapolis, IN
“This class and teaching method are life-changing! I should have discovered Miracle Swimming a long time ago.”
  • – JB
  • Olney, MD
“If you’re afraid of swimming or think you can’t, this is the class for you.”
  • – JB
  • Sarasota, FL
“I loved everything about it.”
  • – MM
  • Chicago, IL