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Beginning Course Testimonials

Read what others who have taken these courses over the years have had to say about the Miracle Swim teaching method.
“The class goes beyond overcoming the fear of water to how to apply a new way of thinking to everyday learning. The tools go way beyond MSA.”
  • – RG
  • Mooresville, NC
“I enjoyed it – no anxiety, no pushing, non-judging.”
  • – AB
  • Sarasota, FL
“I enjoyed my class. I have never gotten into water, like that, before. I would recommend this class very much.”
  • – LF
  • Sarasota, FL
“I feel good about this class. I have talked with others about Miracle Swimming and I think it is great.”
  • – MJ
  • Sarasota, FL
“Excellent approach! Really works.”
  • – SP
  • San Francisco, CA
“The class gets to the heart of why we could not swim. I thought I was afraid of the water, but I found I mistrusted the water. This class helps my relationship to water which will make swimming easier.”
  • – BP
  • Sarasota, FL
“Worth the investment. Don’t delay!”
  • – AC
  • Denver, CO
“This class was wonderful. I just need to remember how much progress I’ve made. I would tell others to definitely invest in the class, but to set aside your expectations. The #1 goal is to be comfortable with whatever you are doing.”
  • – SBN
  • Thousand Oaks, CA
“I wish I’d taken this class sooner. The instructor explained things (about fear, the water, body mechanics) in ways that made so much sense. It made it easy to trust. Learning was fun in ways I never imagined.”
  • – KM
  • Oakland, CA
“I am feeling very thankful to have been a part of this class! Make your plans as soon as possible to take this class!”
  • – YJ
  • Baltimore, MD
“I’ve taken classes elsewhere with negative results. This class is mind blowing. The special approach (method) made all the difference.”
  • – TL
  • Los Angeles, CA
“Everything was great! I liked just trying things out, being able to discover and going slow.”
  • – AL
  • Richmond, CA
“It is life changing. Conquering your fear of water heals so many lifelong hurts.”
  • – DJ
  • Los Angeles, CA
“It is truly miraculous. No one can explain how great it feels to be comfortable in water. You have to experience it. Especially after many years of being afraid and failing at other lessons. This one works!”
  • – AL
  • Portland, OR
“This class was amazing. Wish I had taken it years ago. I would tell anyone having any fears in the water/swimming, don’t procrastinate! This class is worth the time and every penny.”
  • – MO
  • Pacifica, CA
“Very effective! Love the focus on addressing core beliefs.”
  • – BG
  • San Francisco, CA
“This course was interesting and cleared up questions for me. ‘The discussions provided a’ good time to reflect and share same feelings. I can go in the water! ‘And I am’ more confident.”
  • – SJ
  • Oakland, CA
“Awesome experience! The system works!!”
  • – AP
  • San Francisco, CA
“Don’t wait. It was surprisingly easy, once I let myself do it. As a dancer, I was delighted to move in 3D and to explore in 3D.”
  • – YB
  • Berkeley, CA
“Sorry I didn’t take it 10 years ago when I first learned about it. I worked at my own pace and made more progress than I expected.”
  • – MP
  • San Francisco, CA
“I am so very glad to take this class. It is probably the best money I’ve spent in the last 10 years. I feel like it was a great investment in myself and my well-being.”
  • – CL
  • Richmond, CA
“The discussions were surprisingly helpful. Very much worth the time and money.”
  • – KO
  • Anchorage, AK
“If you want to change the way you deal with water, to be friendly with water, take ‘this class’.”
  • – HK
  • Isogo-ku, Yokohama, Japan
“This class is a necessity for anyone desiring to not only conquer fear; but, to relearn previous traditional swimming patterns.”
  • – VC
  • Spring, TX
“This is the only way to learn swimming. You will become a believer.”
  • – VB
  • Portland, TX
“I came with an open mind and a huge desire to succeed. The method and instruction helped me be successful. I had searched the internet looking for answers and hope to “get over” my fear. I only wish I could have found Miracle Swimming years ago.”
  • – DK
  • Houston, TX
“The class is wonderful. Being a non-swimmer coming in, I gained some great knowledge this week. Our discussions were very engaging… I am extremely satisfied.”
  • – MS
  • League City, TX
“An excellent teaching philosophy that works for just about everything in life.”
  • – MR
  • Corinth, TX