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Beginning Course Testimonials

Read what others who have taken these courses over the years have had to say about the Miracle Swim teaching method.
“This is the only way to learn swimming. You will become a believer.”
  • – VB
  • Portland, TX
“I came with an open mind and a huge desire to succeed. The method and instruction helped me be successful. I had searched the internet looking for answers and hope to “get over” my fear. I only wish I could have found Miracle Swimming years ago.”
  • – DK
  • Houston, TX
“The class is wonderful. Being a non-swimmer coming in, I gained some great knowledge this week. Our discussions were very engaging… I am extremely satisfied.”
  • – MS
  • League City, TX
“An excellent teaching philosophy that works for just about everything in life.”
  • – MR
  • Corinth, TX
“Forget everything you think you know and follow the Miracle Swimming system to the success in water you have always sought. Follow this system while putting yourself first for one week and you cannot fail.”
  • – LW
  • Hutto, TX
“I would tell others that the class was very good and the unique teaching method is a wonderful and effective approach to conquering fear of water. The spotter helped me with my back float. She was helpful and patient.”
  • – SH
  • Bloomsburg, PA
“Do not expect a “miracle.” In order to learn to swim, and OVERCOME FEAR, you will have to do what may be unpleasant for you. Success may not be accomplished in 5 days.”
  • – PK
  • Longboat Key, FL
“I liked it a lot, but the class needs commitment from the students. It does not work if the student refuses to get into the water!
  • – DS
  • Urbana, IL
“Do it all. I give a highest rating for the course content, handbook, uniqueness and effectiveness of MSA teach and discussions."“Do it all. I give a highest rating for the course content, handbook, uniqueness and effectiveness of MSA teach and discussions.” –MP, Sarasota, FL
  • – MP
  • “Do it all. I give a highest rating for the course content, handbook, uniqueness and effectiveness of MSA teach and discussions.” –MP, Sarasota, FL
These four things worked especially well for me: “One-on-one instruction, surface diving, getting out of a float and venturing in the deep water.”Smyrna, GA
  • – OH
  • Smyrna, GA
“The approach to various skills was excellent. Perhaps it would be better to have class in an indoor pool so that the class schedule is not affected by the weather.”
  • – SS
  • Urbana, IL
“Love the concept. We had great facilitators. I made some small leaps, but not comfortable yet – deep water needs more exploration time.”
  • – PJ
  • Fort Meyers Beach, FL
“More spotters would have helped, especially because everyone is in a unique place in their learning. I will definitely recommend this course to others.”
  • – SS
  • Stamford, CT
“Beautiful new pool!! This class is like no other. It should not be called a class since it doesn’t adhere to the usual class rules. It’s more like a swim understanding.”
  • – BM
  • Chadds Ford, PA
“Liberating, exciting, revealing, stupendous. If you have fear in the water, definitely take this class. Even if you don’t fear the water, the course teaches you principles to apply to other aspects of life and your own freedom in the water. Well worth the price.”
  • – AB
  • Bradenton, FL
“Most definitely worth the time and money. Everything that was promised about having fun and learning at your own pace was true every day.”
  • – MB
  • Marietta, GA
What worked well for me: “Learning to get rid of fear of water – being comfortable and trusting.” Did not work well: “At times my own mental block.”
  • – PA
  • Sarasota, FL
“I was very impressed with the teaching procedures and process. No rushing or pushing forward until ready.”
  • – NP
  • Sarasota, FL
“This class is so special, unique. Designed to let you go at your own pace, no pressure, only comfort. In fact, they insist on it!”
  • – RB
  • Sarasota, FL
“Almost everything you fear about adult swimming programs is dispelled in this program. It was amazing how small steps led to big breakthroughs and results! The comfort, feeling of safety, great trust in myself and by the Instructor was incredible…priceless. The principles of eliminating fear from your life can be applied to many other areas of your life!”
  • – PM
  • Sarasota, FL
“It is a miracle and I’m so glad I took this course. I have no regrets. Anyone who takes this course is sure to receive a myriad of breakthroughs–as sure as the dawn!”
  • – CS
  • St. Petersburg, FL
“I admire the process of addressing the mind-set first, and the mechanics of swimming second. Little games made big results, built confidence.”
  • – HF
  • Sarasota, FL
“A very good class. The pace was a bit slower than expected. It’s helpful to be in a class with people who have the same thoughts and fears as yourself.”
  • – DM
  • Eden Prairie, MN
“Slowly, calmly, and completely teaches you how to get out of your own way (mentally.) This class guides you on the path to freedom by helping you embrace the moment, the environment and your own well-being.” Hull, MA
  • – JL
  • Hull, MA
“I absolutely loved the class and I would highly recommend it to anyone where swimming lessons failed for them. The fact that I could go slow and take the time to feel and relax worked well for me.”
  • – PT
  • Green Cove Spring, FL
“I am very pleased with the course. Thank you. I will be back for the Next Step class. I would have benefited from having a better understanding in advance of how far I could expect to develop in the week.”
  • – MK
  • New York, NY
“Things that worked well for me in this class were the 2-foot pool, the holding bars in the pool plus the games and toys. Let people know—don’t plan any activities during classes and drink plenty of water and eat fruit.”
  • – JDR
  • Arlington, VA
“This is probably the best approach available for getting comfortable with the water. One has to be willing to take some risks, but this course makes that easier. Confidence builds slowly and you have to be realistic about what you will accomplish.”
  • – MS
  • Washington, DC
“I am very impressed with the MSA method–teaching you a new skill without “teaching” or “preaching,” sometimes without even realizing you are acquiring a new skill.”
  • – VS
  • Houston, TX
“This is a unique, no nonsense way to cut through barriers—barriers you didn’t know you have. There is a clear lack of pressure and no expectations of “standard” goals.”
  • – OC
  • Brookline, MA