Miracle Swimming teaches you to swim—to be reliable for your safety and happy in deep water—before it teaches you to swim efficiently–with strokes. We make safety and fun top priority: as you do. Once you’re happy and safe in deep water, we’ll teach you strokes. Strokes come in our Freestyle and 3 Strokes courses.


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It usually takes adults who are afraid in water 48 hours of our system—our 24-hour Beginning and 24-hour Next Step classes—to become confident and free in deep water. Sometimes, however, a student becomes free in the deep after the Beginning class. Other times, a student is ecstatic to be floating away from the wall in the shallow end after the Beginning class; or putting his/her face in. Breakthroughs are guaranteed when you follow our simple, fun system.

Each student goes at his/her own pace. The length of time needed for you to reach freedom in deep water is individual. We do not push you and we do not hold you back. You’ll learn sooner if you don’t push yourself. Stay comfortable all the time in order to learn in the shortest time.

The price of a 24-hour class is between $1245 and $1545 depending on location and level. Prices can be found at the Registration page for each class and at the Do The Math page. Travel expenses are separate.

Everyone starts with the Beginning class. If you rely on the bottom or the side of the pool for your safety, you are a Beginner. See the FAQ if you’re wondering why you can’t start at the Next Step class.

There are other locations of class as well, taught by our licensed instructors. You can find those other locations at the Licensed Instructors page and at our class schedule.

At Miracle Swimming, you can learn to swim, snorkel, do four strokes, and SCUBA dive, enjoying all of it.

Our FAQ page answers many commonly-asked questions. Hope to see you in a class soon.

Miracle Swimming, a paradigm shift in teaching, is available from us and our licensed instructors, only. There is no other system that can teach you in 48 hours at your own pace how to be confident and free in deep water and how to prevent panic — in such a short time and having fun. At least we have not found it in 34 years of searching! People from 50 states and 16 countries have found us and come to be successful at last. Read our Student Comments and our book.